Who needs Corp_Pro℠?

Who needs Corp_Pro DCAA compliant accounting?Corp_Pro℠ is the ideal solution for businesses that require:

  • DCAA compliant accounting with a backup paper trail for audits.
  • A scalable system with room to take on more and/or more complex projects as the company grows.
  • Management of contracts with Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF), fixed-price, and/or Time-and-Materials (T&M), with multiple task orders, Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs), and/or jobs
  • Implementation of contracts that include consultants, subcontracts, labor, travel and/or Other Direct Costs (ODC), and/or material and products
  • Tracking for on-site, off-site, part-time, full-time, 1099, and/or W2 employees—at multiple work locations
  • Real-time data and reports to make critical decisions, along with accurate predictions of future costs with comparisons to actuals.
  • Low-cost administration.

Corp_Pro℠ delivers a comprehensive and affordable solution to all of the dilemmas that accompany growth by:

  • Eliminating confusion over who is in charge by providing centrally-controlled access.
  • Eliminating errors and duplication in input through data transparency and internal QA.
  • Ensuring streamlined communication by making data and documents available to everyone.
  • Eliminating discrepancies in reports by feeding all reports from the same data.
  • Combatting fraud and abuse by enforcing separation of authorities.