Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO Services – Virtual Accounting Services for Government ContractorsCorp_Pro℠’s virtual CFO services provide your company with all the benefits of having an accounting expert at their disposal. For a low monthly retainer or hourly rate, Corp_Pro℠’s professionals will:


  • Month-end and year-end tasks and audits
  • Annual calendar setup and year-start tasks
  • Period closings and re-openings as required
  • Preparation of sales and use tax reports
  • Filings of transaction supporting documents
  • Preparation of FF1099s
  • Tax line mapping

Record and Reconcile:

  • Previously recorded transactions to bank and credit card statements
  • Receivables and associated receipts, and payable accruals and associated payments
  • Invoice costs to actual costs
  • Earned leave
  • Adjusting transactions
  • Transfers of cash between banks
  • Equipment management, inventory management, loan, and stock and/or investment transactions

Review and Report Discrepancies Between:

  • Purchase requests and/or purchase orders and payables
  • Expense reimbursement requests, vouchers, and payables
  • Subcontract invoice reports and associated payables