Prime Solutions LLC

Jae Collins, COO

Prime Solutions LLC specializes in Computer Network Operations (CNO) services in areas of software engineering, network engineering, and cyber analytics. “We started Prime Solutions in 2003,” says Prime Solutions COO and Co-Founder Jae Collins, “and we were running Quickbooks™ as a small company. But we needed better infrastructure in order to grow. DCAA compliance was also important.”

“First of all, Corp_Pro℠ made sense and was economical,” says Collins, “but more importantly it’s an extremely potent enterprise system. We made the switch in 2008, and we now use it for payroll, time cards, invoicing and accounting. It also offers a strong system for tracking contracts. I’m definitely a power-user, and I don’t think I’m using Corp_Pro℠ for more than 60% of what it can do for us functionally. As we grow, we find new ways to use it more.”

As for the customer service that Prime Solutions has received from PDS, Collins states, “The level of service has been excellent. They are very responsive, and they are very accommodating toward unique issues. They listen, and they have even rolled out new features based on our feedback.”

Corp_Pro℠ has met all of Prime Solutions’ needs for DCAA compliance. Collins notes, “What makes Corp_Pro℠ unique is that it was built from the ground up to be DCAA compliant. Really, it’s a DCAA compliant system that also does accounting.” Corp_Pro℠ offered Prime Solutions the opportunity to grow its business without growing its overhead costs. “It’s a godsend,” says Collins. “Switching to Corp_Pro℠ was a no-brainer. It’s a complete package with everything we need. The best part is that Corp_Pro℠ makes me look like a huge company. It’s a Goliath accounting system at a David price.”