Barn Allen Technologies

Gordon Barnaby, President and CEO

Barn Allen Technologies, Inc. provides business solutions and support services to federal civilian and defense agencies and to state and commercial clients. With a more than 30-year career in the government contracting field, Barn Allen Technologies President, CEO, and Founder Gordon Barnaby knew he needed to upgrade his accounting software to meet his growing company’s needs, so he switched to  Corp_Pro℠ early in 2012. “We’re a small company, but we’re growing fast,” says Barnaby. “We knew Quickbooks™ couldn’t do enough in the long term for our business, but I also knew we couldn’t afford Deltek. Corp_Pro℠ does the same thing for us at a lower cost, so the time was right to make a change.”

For Barn Allen Technologies, the switch to Corp_Pro℠ has provided additional benefits beyond its accounting needs. “Corp_Pro℠ is more than just an accounting system,” Barnaby points out. “You get more for the money. We selected it for its capabilities to set up and run special cost centers, and because of the ability to set up custom reports. With the off the shelf stuff, you just can’t do that.”

Barnaby add that the portability of Corp_Pro℠ gives him the flexibility he needs. “The fact that it’s accessible on the web is probably one of the most important features” he says. “Overall,” he adds, “Corp_Pro℠ is just a better deal than what else is out there.”