Carl Pompei, CFO

AnthroTronix is an engineering research and development firm providing service and technology solutions for government and commercial customers. The company has been using Corp_Pro℠ for more than eight years. AnthroTronix CFO Carl Pompei credits Corp_Pro℠ for keeping his back office operations running lean and efficient. “For our needs, it’s perfect,” he says. “It’s a totally integrated system, and it keeps us from being bogged down with paperwork. We don’t have a large staff, and we don’t need to because Corp_Pro℠ handles it all. It does our accounting, our tracking and our timecards.”

Access to Corp_Pro℠ online helps Pompei and AnthroTronix as well. “Our people are always traveling,” he adds, “and they can get in at any time. We couldn’t do that with Quickbooks™.” As for the value offered by Corp_Pro℠, Pompei comments “Corp_Pro℠ is very reasonable for the price and what it does.” Pompei also credits the Corp_ProSM team with getting AnthroTronix through the DCAA audit process. “Audit and government compliance issues really concern us” he says, “but they know how to handle it. We would have never survived our DCAA audit if it weren’t for Corp_Pro℠. To me, that’s phenomenal.”