Manager Interface

Manager Interface for government contracting software

The manager interface of Corp_Pro℠ government contracting software provides a dashboard with windows for all essential management and administrative tasks. Each window contains the data entry forms necessary for its assigned function. Inputs are shared across windows as appropriate. Responsibilities are enforced by controls that allow managers to restrict access to windows to selected employees.

General Ledger

General Ledger Module for DCAA Approved Accounting System

Corp_Pro℠‘s general ledger module features the reporting and DCAA compliant cost accounting tools that government contractors require to effectively manage their finances. In this module, the comptroller or other accounting manager can:

  • Edit the chart of accounts
  • Enter adjusting transactions
  • Close accounting periods

The general ledger module also provides a variety of transaction reports including by subsidiary journal, payee, job, date, and general ledger number.

Indirect Costs

Indirect Costs Module for DCAA Compliant Accounting

Corp_Pro℠‘s unique architecture provides multiple indirect pools to support contract bids and to provide in-depth management insight.  The indirect cost module features the tools to manage indirect service centers, monitor indirect rates, set provisional rates, and view indirect reports. Corp_Pro℠ automatically calculates real-time indirect rates at a granular level that is not available with other platforms. Government contractors benefit with:

  • Real-time DCAA incurred cost schedules that can be printed in their prescribed DCAA format and that can be based on actual data, budget projections, or a combination of both.
  • Unlimited number of company divisions, each with separate labor overheads for:
    • Full time on-site or off-site
    • Part time on-site or off-site
    • 1099 on-site or off-site
    • Visibility into individual employee fringe rates and occupancy costs by facility
    • Two non-labor overheads—subcontract management and product handling
    • Corporate General and Administrative (G&A) pool with as many Bid and Proposal (B&P) and Independent Research and Development (IR&D) pools as a company needs 

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Module for Government Approved Accounting System

Corp_Pro℠‘s accounts payable module features the tools for the accounts payable manager to record payables and associated payments for purchases for an unlimited number of vendors. Transactions can be recorded based on reports received from purchasing, expense reimbursement vouchers, subcontract invoice reports (from contracts), or as stand-alone entries. Each purchase is assigned a number to permit tracking its accrual, aging, and pay off. Corp_Pro℠ includes the forms for entering and tracking vendors, sales and use taxes, and 1099s.

The module also provides online document storage  for all key accounts payable transaction records including invoices, checks, and agreements.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable module in government contracting software

Corp_Pro℠‘s accounts receivable module records, track, and manages customer invoices and receipts. Invoices can be created manually or can be calculated automatically from indirect costs, contracts, time sheets, payroll, and payables data. The accounts receivable module provides user-friendly tools to tailor invoices as required. Aging reports can be generated by job or by client for any given date.

The module also provides online document storage for all key accounts receivable transaction documents including invoices and customer checks.

Cash Management

Cash Management Module for Government Contractor ERP Software

Corp_Pro℠‘s cash management module features the tools for accountants to record transactions such as bank transfers, loans, and stock purchases and/or sales. The module also provides tools for the reconciliation of bank accounts and for monitoring cash flow and needs.

The module also provides online document storage for loan, stock, and bank documents including agreements, certificates, statements, and more.

Labor / Human Resources

Human Resources Module - HR Management software for government contractors

Corp_Pro℠‘s personnel management module contains the tools required by government contractors to support human resources management. Human resources managers can specify the budget for:

  • Personnel management and fringe service centers
  • Employee benefit and payroll withholdings
  • 401K withholdings and matches
  • Earned leave rates
  • Personnel changes (salary, supervisor/division, overhead pool, work location)
  • Direct deposit
  • Training plans

The module also provides online document storage for all employee-related documents such as contracts, agreements, and offer letters.


Purchase module for government contractor purchasing manager

Corp_Pro℠‘s purchases module features the tools for the purchasing manager to create purchase orders (as stand-alone entries or from purchase requests), manage inventory, and manage credit cards. The module’s inventory management tools allow the manager to monitor usage and stock, authorize shipments, and report sales and disposals to accounting. The purchase manager can track purchases by vendor or by goods and/or services purchased.

The purchases module also provides online document storage for documents related to parts, inventory, and vendors such as agreements and specifications.


Payroll module - DCAA timekeeping

Corp_Pro℠‘s payroll module features the forms and reports required to process and record payroll and associated payments for the general ledger. Payroll can be recorded manually or it can be automatically calculated from data in time sheets and personnel. Payments include those to employees (by direct deposit or check), benefit vendors, section 125 reimbursements, and payroll tax agencies.

The payroll module also provides online document storage for invoices, section 125 reimbursement vouchers, and more.


DCAA compliant contracts management solution for government contractors

Corp_Pro℠‘s contracts management module features the tools for comprehensive management of prime, umbrella, normal, or subcontracts. Corp_Pro℠ allows for an unlimited number of contracts to be created. For each contract, the manager can set up job orders, estimate costs, prepare budgets, create labor categories and labor assignments, and list Client Line Item Numbers (CLINS) and funding.

The contracts module also provides online document storage for relevant contract, job, and customer documents including reports, task assignments, and RFPs.

Corporate Management

Corporate Management Module - ERP software for government contractor executives

Corp_Pro℠‘s corporate management module is designed to meet the needs of government contractors’ executives. The module features company-wide financial reports such as balance sheets, P&Ls, long range plans, and budget versus actual numbers. This module is where key information about the company is entered, operating divisions are defined, and access privileges to other Corp_Pro℠ modules are specified.

Division Management

Division Management Module of Government Contracting Software

Corp_Pro℠‘s division management module is designed for the needs of managers of operational divisions—if divisions exist—within the company. Managers can create division work breakdown structure, Bid and Proposal (B&P) service centers, and internal research and development service centers.


Inventory module for Government Contract Management Software

Corp_Pro℠‘s inventory module features the tools for accountants to record inventory shipments from the shelf to the job as well as disposals and/or sales of obsolete inventory. Accountants can record transactions based on reports received from purchasing or as stand-alone entries.

The inventory module also provides online document storage for documents related to parts and product transactions including agreements and specifications.


Equipment Module for Government Contractor ERP Software

Corp_Pro℠‘s equipment module features the tools for equipment managers to create and manage corporate equipment such as hardware, software, and furniture. Managers can track usage, licenses, and maintenance requests. They can create purchase requests as well as obsolete equipment disposal and sale reports for accounting.

The equipment module also provides online document storage for documents such as licensing agreements and specifications.


Depreciation Module for Government Contract Compliant Accounting

Corp_Pro℠‘s depreciation module features the tools for accountants to record depreciation and the disposal and/or sale of obsolete equipment. Depreciation can be calculated or recorded based on the selected method—straight line or 15/200 declining balance. Transactions can be recorded as stand-alone entries or based on reports received from the equipment manager.


Facilities Module for Government Contracts Software

Corp_Pro℠‘s facilities module features the tools for facilities manager to create and manage corporate facilities such as work locations. Multiple locations can be created. For each facility, managers can monitor usage and store documents. Managers can also create service centers to track expenses associated with individual facilities. The expenses are allocated to overhead pools base on usage.

The facilities module also provides online document storage for documents such as rental agreements and floor plans.


Marketing Module for Government Contract ERP Software

Corp_Pro℠‘s marketing module includes forms for managing contacts, identifying and tracking prospects, teams, and competitors, and for preparing cost proposals and/or forecasts. Other forms in the module can be used to store and publish resumes and corporate experience.


Security Module for DCAA Approved Software

Corp_Pro℠‘s security module is geared to the needs of the corporate security manager (FSO). The module contains forms for entering and tracking personnel security clearances and visit requests. The module features classified document storage and retrieval, as well as equipment, contracts, and subcontracts classifications.