Government Contract Management

Government Contract Management Software - Corp_ProCorp_Pro℠ offers expert contracts management services that help government contractors with expertise in managing all activities related to contracting and subcontracting. For a low monthly retainer or hourly rate, Corp_Pro℠’s professionals will:

Create and Set Up:

  • Prime or umbrella contracts
  • Normal contracts and associated jobs
  • Bid and Proposal (B&P) service centers
  • Work force loading plans
  • Cost proposals for prospective contracts
  • Forecasts based on cost proposals
  • Job orders and job budgets
  • Service centers from the Corp_Pro℠ indirect cost module
  • Provisional rate proposals and indirect rates

Specify and Review:

  • Contract ceiling and funding
  • Subcontracts and subcontract labor categories
  • Contract labor assignments
  • Subcontract jobs and Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINS)
  • Fringe and non-fringe service center budgets
  • Provisional indirect rates
  • Indirect charges for consistency
  • Source data from the Corp_Pro℠ contracts module
  • Incurred cost reports to ensure they are calculating correctly

Compare and Reconcile:

  • Contract ceiling to funding
  • Customer invoices to timesheets
  • Other Direct Costs (ODCs) to customer invoices
  • Invoice costs to actual costs